Embedding Functions


In order to make an integration between your own site or page and Linlet, use embedding features. They allow you to input elements directly through the code. As a result, tools will be interactive right on your side. Here is a closer look at how to embed different elements to your site:

Business cards

Embedded business cards appear on your site much like on the desktop version. Through this card, visitors can add you to the contact list, start a chat, or send their card to you.

To add a card to the site, open your profile, find a card, press “Edit” and scroll down. Use the “Embed” button to get the code. Simply copy and paste the code to your site.

News Feed

If you want to have your newsfeed embedded to the site, simply embed a business card. It will include newsfeeds as well.


To provide visitors an option to message you directly, you can embed a business card. Each card allows to open a chat with you even without registration.

VR Showroom

You can create an interactive showroom and then embed it to the site. Open your rendered showroom from the business section and press “Embed”. Simply copy and paste the code in full to your site.

Team members

You can embed your team members' business cards to the site as well. Navigate to the Team members section in your business tab. Choose a card, press “Edit”, scroll down and press “Embed” to access the code. Simply copy and paste the code in full to your site.

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