How to use your Business Contacts?


How to use your Business Contacts?

Open your profile and navigate to the Contacts section. In this tab, you can control saved contacts and card exchanges.

For the mobile app, you need to visit the Messages section and tap on the contacts icon on the top left side to view your contacts.

What contacts are saved in Business Contacts?

  • Contacts tab - contains business cards that you added to the contacts. For non-public ones, you need a person's approval before a card appears in the tab.
  • Requests tab - will show contact exchange requests.
  • Scanned card - shows conventional business cards you scanned and saved as well as other contacts added manually.

How can I delete contacts?

To remove contacts or requests from your Business Contacts find the business card you’d like to delete and press the bin icon near it. In the pop-up window confirm your decision. Deleted contacts or requests can’t be restored.

How do I change my notes for a contact?

To change a note, open a business card and use the Notes icon in the top right corner. Type information to the note field and it will be saved automatically.

How do contact requests work?

If a business card is set to non-public and manual approval of every case, you will receive requests from people. To exchange contacts, you need to select a request on the list and press the “Process” button. Then, you can decide to approve (send your contact to the person) or decline a request. Contact details of the person who sent you the request will be automatically saved in your Business Contacts.

How to use the export function?

You can export all saved business contacts as an excel table. To do that, open your Business Contacts section and press “Export contacts”. Requests won’t be exported to this table.

How to manually add a card to contacts?

Press “Add contact” to input a new contact to your list. Here you can manually enter details from the card and attach a picture. Once saved, it will appear in the scanned section.

How can I scan paper business cards?

To scan conventional business cards, you need to install the Linlet app if you haven’t already. Ensure you permitted the app to use your camera.

Open the app on your phone, navigate to the scan tab, and take a photo of a card. The app is able to identify most of the contact details such as website, phone number, name, etc. In case it misses any details, you can add them manually as well. Double-check the details and save the contact.

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