How do business cards work?


How I create a business card?

Once you register an account on Linlet, you will have a business card created for you automatically. You can manage this default card at any time to show the most up to date information.

What information I can include to my card?

To edit a personal business card, log into your account, and open settings from your profile page. For the mobile app, you will also need to go to the “My cards” section next. Select a card you want to edit to proceed.

Fill in the information of your new business card including your full name, position, Phone number, and social media contacts. For WhatsApp and WeChat we use the phone number provided in your card. To enable contacting through any of these channels just put a checkmark near WhatsApp or WeChat. Upload a photo to display it in your feed and business card.

Once finished, press “Save”. You will be able to change your personal business card at any time.

You also have to choose the visibility settings of your contact details. Public option will make your business card contacts visible to everyone who accessed it via a link or QR code. Non-public options are:

  • Only registration required - we will require registration as a Linlet user to view your contacts via a link or QR code.
  • Only exchange of contacts allowed - we will require a person to send you their business card before they’d be able to view contact details.
  • Manually approve every case by me - we will require a person to send you their business card and get your approval to view contact information.

Who can see my card?

Your business card can be accessed via the link or QR code. The contact details will be visible according to the access type you selected: to everyone, to Linlet users only, to users who sent their card to you, or to approved users only.

How many cards can I create?

You will have one default personal business card. In case you are a part of a company on Linlet, you can also get a team member business card created by the owner.

How can I send my contacts to another Linlet user?

When you view another user’s business card, you have an option to send them your contact information too. Press “Exchange cards” button, in the dropdown menu select a business card you are willing to provide. Finish the process by clicking “Exchange”. Sharing your business card with another user will automatically add this user’s card to your Business Contacts.

As a result, your card will appear in the user’s Business Contacts.

How to check my contact exchange requests?

Visit Business Contacts tab in your menu. Here you can monitor your contact exchange with other users:

  • Contacts available - contains business cards you saved
  • Received requests - contact exchange requests from other users that need your approval
  • Sent requests - contact exchange requests you sent to other people
  • Creating card required - contact exchanges that require you to add a business card

When requests are approved they will move to a different section and you will see a red notification near them. Dismissed requests will disappear from the list. To view a contact in the list, press an arrow icon. To delete a contact or request of exchange, click on a bin icon. Please notice that you won’t be able to restore a deleted contact or request. Also, despite deleting your outcoming request the person will still have your contact details available on their side.

For the mobile app, unfortunately, there is no way to check the status of contact exchange requests.

Where are the business cards I saved?

Contacts that you have saved are available in Business Contacts tab in your menu specifically in the first section. They are also located in the Contacts Inventory of your business. You can export saved contacts in excel worksheet.

For the mobile app, you need to visit the Messages section and tap on the contacts icon on the top left side to view your saved contacts.

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