Apple Wallet and G Pay

Use integrated business cards to grow your network

Actual product information

Save paperless catalogs, focus on substantial details, get special offers

VR on your mobile

Double your targets. Interact with partners after the event

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Easy integrated VR

Double your customer base after the event. Get a WOW effect

Customer Network

Help your team members to catch new leads. Provide them with new Marketing and networking tools

Advertising ecosystem

Connect your website, booth, VR showroom, partners channel, all paper ads to the ecosystem

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Business Cards

Share your business card instantly from Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Always get a contact back and attach any marketing materials to your business card

Save, export and sort contacts by the event, date and necessary notes by a single click

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VR Showroom βeta

Unlimited space at expos

365 extra days for your virtual booth

Let your customers touch, rotate and explore your products

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Advertising Ecosystem

Track how users interact with digital sources. Redirect budget to the most profitable and leads generating sources

Measure effectiveness of paper catalogs, brochures and banners. Optimize budget on paper media

Interaction between all your digital and paper materials to see overall picture of your advertising campaign

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Extra features

  • Show your out-of-gauge products to prospective clients
  • Have real managers interact with customers instantly and increase sales
  • Make your brand unique. Insert your company videos
  • Attract more visitors at the event and stay up to date with new technologies

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