How do company Employees work?


How do company Employees work?

Company Employees are added and managed by the business profile owner. All Employees can accept or deny an invitation to become an employee.

  • Contacts exchanged by employees become stored in the company’s inventory
  • Employees’ cards can be attached to company documents and showrooms
  • A new account is automatically created for each employee, who isn’t registered on Linlet
  • Employees cards are shown on the company’s page

What can an Employee do?

The employee’s page operates as a normal profile. The key difference between an employee’s and a personal card is who can edit it. In an Employee's case, the business has a peculiar control over the contact details in the card.

How to add and manage your company employees?

Navigate to My Business section and select the Employees tab. Here will be a list of all business cards created for your company employees. To create a new card, press “Add Employee” and fill in their contact information. Select access type for their card and then press “Save”.

Once the card is created, your employee will receive an email invitation to join the company. Your employee is required to accept the invitation to finish the process. You can monitor the status of the invitation or remove Employee on the same page.

As a person who issues a business card, you will have a peculiar control over contact information on it. The employee will not be able to edit it themselves.

How to change your employee's card?

Navigate to My Business section and select the Employees tab. Find a pen icon near the employee’s card and press it. You can edit all the fields and the access type of their card.

Keep in mind that if you change Employee’s email, this will not send any new invitations or remove current access to the card from Employee, who had already accepted your invitation.

Who can see your Employees?

All company Employees would be visible on your company’s public page. However, if you set up their contacts to non-public access type, only their names, positions, and profile photos would be available.

How to share your Employee's contacts?

As a business owner

  • Open the Employees tab and find the Sharing button under an employee’s card. Send it through email or select “Copy link” to share it on social media and messengers.
  • To embed a card, select “Edit” near it and click “Embed”. Copy and paste the code to your site.
  • For offline sharing through a QR code, select “Edit” near a card and click on “QR code”.

As an employee

If you are an Employee, you can find your business card in the Profile and in account Settings.

  • To share your business card, open it from your profile, and use the icon in the top right corner to copy the link or send it directly through email.
  • To embed it, you need to go to the Settings and click “Embed”, then copy and paste the code to your site.
  • Additionally, you can add your card to mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Wallet from the Settings page.

Can I add myself as an Employee?

Yes, you can create an employee business card for yourself as well. If email provided in the card you created matches your profile email, your invitation will become accepted automatically. When you add yourself as an Employee, your business card becomes available on the company page too.

How to resend an invitation?

If your employee hasn’t replied to your invitation yet, you can resend it by clicking a rounded arrow icon at the bottom of their card. We recommend you to ensure the email you provided for your employee is correct beforehand.

You are allowed to resend an invitation to an employee once an hour.

What should I do when an employee declines my invitation?

If your employee declined an invitation, you will see the red mark near their card. You can press “Edit” near it and change the details (if needed) and thus resend your invitation to them.

How to remove an employee?

Find an employee’s card in the tab and use the “Edit” function to remove it. Scroll down to the card information to see the “Remove” button and confirm employee removal.

Please take into consideration that employees can’t be restored and that each new card will have its own unique ID and link. In some cases, we recommend you edit employee information in an existing card instead of deleting it. This will allow you to use the same link and QR code for this card, which is useful for keeping in touch with existing contacts if you have shared the card already.

How do I know when Employee replies to the invitation?

Employees page contains information about all the cards you have created for company members. Each card has a mark on it that indicates the status of your invitation.

Why can’t I add myself as an Employee?

Once you create a business, an employee card is automatically created for you. This card will be accessible in the Employees tab, where you can edit it.

How do I switch between my personal and employee accounts?

Each business card creates a separate profile for you. To switch between them, go to the Profile tab and press “Settings”. Under “choose account” select a different profile. This will allow you to change the profile and, thus, a business card in use.

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