How company products work?


How to add company Products?

Open your Business Profile and select the Products section. Press “Add product” and fill in the information. You can also provide a link to the product on your company’s site, price range, images, and product documents. Once finished, press “Save”.

What image is used as a cover for a product?

When you add images, the first one would be primary for the product. To change the order of images, drag and drop the uploaded pictures, so that your preferable cover picture will be the first.

How to edit my Product?

All the company products you added are shown in the Products tab. To edit a specific product, find it on the list and click the title. Remember to save the product after you make the changes.

How do I delete products?

Find a product you would like to delete and click on its title. At the bottom of the page, you can find the “Delete” option. Confirm your decision in the pop-up window to proceed.

Please, notice that deleted products can’t be restored.

Who can see my company's products?

All company products you add are available to view from the company’s public page.

What information should I include on my Product page?

We recommend you provide critical details for your potential customers and partners in the product description. If the item requires certifications you can add them to company or product documents.

What products are prohibited?

Products that are illegal to buy, sell or display aren’t allowed on Linlet.

How can I add my products to a showroom?

If you want to attach a product to your showroom, find a showroom in the tab or create a new one. Then, switch to the Products subsection on a showroom’s page and put a checkmark near the item(s) you want to link. Keep in mind to save your changes.

What are the ways to share my product?

You can share a product through a link or QR code, which are available on a product editing page.

How can I make a custom URL link for my product?

Start by adding a product and saving it. Then, click on its title again and use the URL field to enter your custom text for the product’s public page. Please, refrain from creating unnecessarily long links.

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