How company products work?


How to add company Products?

Open your Business Profile and select Products section. Press “Add product” and fill in the information about your company's product. You can also provide a link to the product on your company’s site, price range, images and product documents. Once finished, press “Save”.

When you add images, the first one would be primary for the product. To change it, drag and drop the images, so that your preferable cover picture will be the first in a row.

How to edit my Product?

All the company products you added are shown in the Products tab. To edit a specific product, find it on the list and click the title. Remember to save the product after you have made the changes.

How do I delete products?

Find a product you would like to delete and click on its title. At the bottom of the page, you can find the “Delete” option. Confirm your decision in the pop-up window to proceed.

Please notice that deleted products can’t be restored.

Who can see my company's products?

All company products you add are available to view on the company’s public page for all visitors.

What information should I include to my Product page?

We recommend you providing critical details for your potential customers and partners in the product description. If the item requires certifications you can add them to company or product documents. Depending on your goals for product displaying, provide prospects information they will need to make a decision.

What products are prohibited?

Products that are illegal to buy, sell or display aren’t allowed on Linlet.

How can I add my products to a VR showroom?

If you want to display a product in your VR showroom, start by uploading a 3D scene or choosing a default one. Then, press “Edit 3D Scene” and find “Products” in the left menu. Click on a product and move it around the scene to display it in a specific location.

Tip: You can rotate the whole scene to check how it looks and place products more accurately.

Save your project and press “Render” to prepare the showroom.

What are the ways to share my product?

You can share a product through a link or embed it directly to your website.

  • Find the product you’d like to share, click on its title, and find the “Share” button at the bottom of the page to send it through a link.
  • To embed the product, use the “Embed” button and copy the code. You then need to paste this code in full to your website.

Additionally, each product has a unique QR code that you can use for offline marketing. Open a product from the list and scroll down to see QR Sharing:

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