How to set up your business?


Why can’t I create a company from the app?

Creating and managing a company as well as team members is currently available from the web version only.

Who can create a company?

All registered and verified users can create a business on Linlet. Ensure that the company is created via profile with corporate email, so you will always have access to it. Please, notice there is no way to link a company to a different user after the business is created.

How to create a company profile?

While signed in, find “Create Business” at the top of the screen and press it to proceed. You are required to confirm your account email address and phone number in order to have access to business features.

On the business page, enter a company name and fill in details such as industry, address, website, and description. You can also upload a company logo, which is recommended to be 500 MB maximum and have a 1:1 aspect ratio. Once finished, press “Save profile” to create a business or confirm the changes.

How to change company information?

In My Business section, you can edit all of the company details at any time.

Why are my email and phone number linked in the business profile?

You are required to verify your email and phone number to be able to create a company on Linlet. This information is displayed on the My Business page for quick access to verification. Neither email nor phone number is shown on your company page.

What can be included in the company description?

A brief company overview in the Description section will help visitors find your business online and induce getting in contact with you. Strive to list your capabilities and main focus, include a short brand story - this will ensure your business can be found through keywords but also look lively.

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