How to set up your business?


Company features are available with the desktop version only. Once you create a business, you will get an extra business card tied to the company created.

Who can create a company?

All registered users can create a business on Linlet. Ensure that the company is created via profile with corporate email, so you will always have access to it. Please, notice there is no way to link company profile to a different user after the business is created.

How to create a company profile?

First, you need to create an account and then sign in. Scroll over to the top right corner of your screen with your username, find My Business section and click on it. You will need to enter a business name, additionally, you can include industry, corporate website, and description. You can also upload a logo as well as insert link to your website.

Please notice, there are the following limits: 255 characters for website link, 45 characters for industry, 245 characters for a business name. Logos are better to be 500 MB maximum and have 1:1 aspect ratio.

Once you finished, press “Save profile” to create a business.

How to change company information?

Go to My Business section and edit the fields you are willing to update. All of the company details are available for updating at any time. Once you finished, press “Save profile”.

How many businesses can I create?

You are allowed to create one business profile only. This company is available for editing at any time, however, you can’t delete it.

Why do I need to verify a business phone number?

Phone number verification will allow you to use Linlet Business account features such as adding cards for your team members, exchange documents and more.

How do I verify a business phone number?

First, navigate to your business profile and find the Phone field. In the dropdown menu select the phone code of your country: you can search by digits or country name. Type in a phone number to the field below and press “Save”. Finish the process by pressing “Verify via SMS” and entering a verification code we would send to the number provided.

What if I don’t receive verification code?

If you don’t receive verification code, press the “Send again” button. In case all attempts to receive SMS fail, please, try a different phone number (if possible) or contact our support team.

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