Your History and Bookmarks


History and Bookmarks are currently on the desktop version only.

What is my History?

The history section in your profile saves pages of showrooms, documents, cards and products that you visited while logged in. Thus, you can revisit pages you checked out earlier and follow on the information.

However, all the pages you visited would be saved to history by default. We recommend you to add showrooms, documents, and products you are most interested in the bookmarks for your records.

Who can see my history?

Your history is visible to you only.

How can I delete pages from my history?

You can’t remove any pages from your history.

Why I don’t see some pages in my History?

Your history saves only showrooms, documents, cards, events and products. Also, please notice that history function can only save pages you visited while being logged into your account.

What is Bookmarks?

In your profile you can find Bookmarks section. It is created for you to add showrooms, documents or products you are interested in following up or saving for checking later.

How to add Bookmarks?

On the page of every showroom, document or product you can find the “Save in Bookmarks” button. Press it to add a page to your bookmarks. The button should turn to red “In Bookmarks”.

What can I add to Bookmarks?

Currently, you can use bookmarks for showrooms, documents or products.

Who can see my Bookmarks?

Only you will see your bookmarks. If you add other users’ documents, products or showrooms to bookmarks, they will not see any notifications on that.

How to remove something from my Bookmarks?

To remove something from your Bookmarks, navigate to the section and find showroom, document or product you’d like to remove. Open its page and press “In Bookmarks” button to remove the page.

Why my Bookmarks disappeared?

If showrooms, documents or products you added to bookmarks were deleted by the owner, they will disappear from your bookmarks.

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