What are News Feeds?


What are News Feeds?

News Feeds allow you to post information that will be visible for all people who added you to the contact list. You can view posts of people added to your contacts too.

Posts in your News Feed are sorted by date and show content from all your contacts by default.

Where is my News Feed?

In the dropdown menu navigate to the News Feed section.

How to Post something?

Use the field next to your profile picture to type in your post and select attachments. Once you add everything you need, press “Post”.

Can I edit my Posts?

Unfortunately, there is no way to edit your posts so far.

What can I add to my Post?

On top of the text, you can use attachments, including documents, business cards, showrooms, products, and events. Please notice that for documents, showrooms, products, and events you can attach only one of each to the post. The number of business cards you can attach isn’t limited.

Also, we allow uploading an image for your post.

How to remove a Post?

Find the post you’d like to remove and press a cross icon in the top-right corner. Deleted posts can’t be restored, so we’ll ask you to confirm the decision in a pop-up window.

Can I comment on someone’s post?

Currently, Linlet doesn’t support commenting or ranking posts.

How to Post in News feed via Linlet app?

Navigate to Feed section and tap on the text field on top. Enter the text of your post, select attachments and press “Post” to finish.

How to remove a Post?

In the Linlet mobile app, you can find your post and press “Modify” to delete it.

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