About Us

There are many exhibitions to visit from small industry-specific events to huge international trade shows. Some start as a visitor first, then exhibit themselves and happen to see many events from different sides. If the exhibition is big, the whole area around transforms into a part of it. You can meet attendees outside the venue, notice them moving around and arriving in the city.

During exhibition days there are many fellows traveling to or from the event. While boarding a plane you can spot the same people from the exhibition with huge bags stacked with booklets. The same bags they struggled to haul through the entire event whilst they were collecting these papers every day. And they are dragging these bags with everything accumulated to the hand luggage on a plane. That’s because these bags are their treasure, the reason they flew over here. It also clearly shows they don’t have strong communication with exhibitors and partners. Probably they don’t even expect it. They discovered most of the new products at the exhibition only. And they got to know in a form of these printed catalogs while the modern world is moving towards paperless.

The most irritating thing is that everybody just ignores all this and repeat the procedure of going through events year by year. And this isn’t the only inconvenience people go through while joining a trade show. Keeping in mind the huge costs of exhibitions, it’s obvious a one deserves to make the most of it. Gather contacts easier and more secure, interact more productively and have a deeper experience of presented products. Not to mention being able to present yourself in a memorable way to establish partnerships. At the end of the day, isn’t it the reason to attend an event?

That’s what kickstarted creating Linlet Expo.

Linlet Expo is a set of tools for creating interactive booths and showrooms for your business. They can be useful for both and anyone who is interested in getting an interactive business tool for getting new clients and partners. Linlet EXPO will help to engage attendees and get more leads for participants of trade shows and other business-oriented exhibitors. Besides, this tool will provide efficient interactive showroom even outside exhibitions. Here is why our customers choose Linlet EXPO:

  • With Linlet EXPO your company stands out in the crowd

    Become more noticeable and memorable to your potential clients and partners during trade shows with Linlet EXPO. Our team came up with this idea after we realized that exhibitions provide a huge potential for the growth of your business. So we came up with a tool that helps exhibitors to open a new vision of trade shows and other business-oriented massive events. Unfortunately, it’s easy to get confused in the chaos of other numerous booths. Without making a memorable first impression your money will be spent in vain. First impression counts otherwise it serves no purpose. That’s why it is extremely important to stand out in the crowd with innovative technologies like the interactive booth. Our target audience is companies who search for new ways of engaging their visitors with increasing leads.

  • Linlet EXPO helps to manage greater engagement

    In simple terms, Linlet EXPO is the digital version of the booth that is connected to the event and your actual display. Attendees can interact with your booth using various technological solutions including QR codes. They are easy to use as any smartphone is able to scan them. The QR code generator is integrated into the digital booth and you can create/manage them in your account. You can track code activations so all the necessary statistics will be available for you and your marketers. Linlet EXPO can be used not only during the event but also before and even 24/7 all year round as a showroom.

  • Business tool for creating Interactive Showroom

    Linlet EXPO is a new solution for conventional exhibitions but it can become a perfect business tool for creating interactive showrooms. It can be used to attract thousands of new clients from all over the world. Just imagine an additional “employee” displaying your products and consulting online at the same time. Interactive showroom together with conventional one will provide your clients with a wide range of opportunities. Do not wait, give it a try now!