How to use Documents?


How to add a Document?

To add a company document, navigate to your Business Profile and select the Documents section. Then, press “Upload Document”, select one or several documents on your computer in the pop-up window and confirm the upload.

What documents can I add?

Linlet supports the following file formats for documents: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt, .odt, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .rtf.

Where are my Documents?

The files added to a company are located in the Documents section of your Business Profile. Documents that you have uploaded for specific Showrooms, Products, Events will be located in this section as well. However, Documents uploaded by team members will not be present here.

For each file on the list, you can see a mark on the right side that indicates the document type. It will provide you with information on whether a specific file is linked to another page (showroom, event, etc.) or displayed on the company's public page.

Who can see my Documents?

All the documents you upload for your company will be visible on its public page. Such files will have a special mark on them: “Public company file”. Visitors can view the content of a document online but are unable to download the file itself.

Documents linked to objects (showroom, event, etc.) will be visible on corresponding pages only.

How can I share my document?

Next to each file in your Documents section, you can see 2 sharing options: an arrow icon to share a document via a link and a QR code icon to share code. The link or code will take a visitor to the specific document only.

Do I need to register to view a document?

If someone shared a document with you, you can view it online on Linlet without any registration.

Can I update an old document?

To update an old document, find the file in the Documents section and press a pen icon near it. Here you can upload a newer version of the file, change its title and attach your showroom or a business card. Once finished, press “Save”.

It is a good idea to edit the same document instead of uploading a new one, so your partners and clients will be able to access the updated version via the same link or QR code you shared with them previously.

How to add my contacts to a document?

Find a file in the Documents section and press a pen icon next to it. Scroll down to the Business Cards block and put a checkmark near every business card you want to attach. You can add contacts of yours or your team members. Finish the process by clicking “Save”.

Your business card(s) will be visible under the file itself on the document’s page. If your card is non-public, your contact details will not be visible to the viewer.

How to add a showroom to my document?

Proceed to edit the file in the Documents section and put a checkmark near "Add a showroom". In the dropdown menu select a showroom to display on top of your document.

Please notice that this setting does not add the document to the selected showroom’s page.

Can I attach documents to showrooms, products, and events?

On top of adding general company documents, you can upload files for specific showrooms, products, or events. Proceed to edit your product, showroom, or event and upload a file directly to it. As a result, your document will be attached to this product, showroom, or event and will not appear on your company’s public page.

How many documents can I upload?

You are not limited in the number of files you can add.

How do I delete a document?

To delete a document, find it in the list and press a Cross icon near it. Confirm your decision in a pop-up window to finish the process.

Be aware that deleted documents can’t be restored.

How can I find a specific document?

In the document list, you have a category filter dropdown to sort files by type (company documents, attached files from showrooms, products, events) and a search bar to find a file by its title.

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