Guide to your first VR showroom


What is a VR showroom?

VR showroom is a scene in 3D that people can visit and interact with. Like your trade show booth, it is a great way to display products and tell people about your company.

To create your first VR showroom on Linlet, you will need to upload a 3D Max scene or use one of the templates we provide.

In Edit Scene mode you can add 3D models, images, videos and documents to your showroom. Additionally, we provide an option to link your products, published on Linlet to the showroom as well.

How can I add my 3D models to the showroom?

In the Edit Scene mode select “3D Models” tab. Here you can see all default models that you can use for your showroom. To upload your own object, press the “Add 3D model”. For 3D models we accept .obj, .3ds, .dae, .fbx, .gltf, .glb, .stl and .sea files. All models you upload will be saved in “My models” folder.

Edit models

Select a 3D model you added into the scene to view its settings. You can edit a model’s scale, position and rotation using the controllers near the model or by changing the numbers in a model’s card.

How to change my model’s dimensions?

If you want to scale your model disproportionately, remove the lock icon near the “Scale” option and type in required dimensions. To return back to the original ratio of the model, press the lock icon again.

Replace, Copy or Delete a 3D model

Use the “Change Model” function to select a new model instead of the current one. Settings and objects linked to the model will be preserved.

“Copy” function allows you to duplicate a selected 3D model with its settings and linked objects.

“Delete” function will remove the model from your 3D scene.

How to make your model interactive?

Choose a 3D model on your scene and use a checkmark under “Link Type” to add a product, document or url link. If you want to add a product or document, you would also need to select a specified object in the dropdown menu. In case you are adding a link to your 3D models, insert the correct url into the text field. This will allow visitors to interact with a specified model and check your content right in VR.

To link a product or document, make sure you have added the required object to Linlet beforehand.

What can you add to a VR showroom?


Videos can be added to your VR showroom using the “Video” tab. We allow only video files uploaded to youtube. To add a video into your VR showroom, enter the link to the text field in the “Video” tab and press “Add”. You should see a video thumbnail appear in the list. Now you need to click on this video and proceed to place it in your 3D Scene.

All videos you added to the scene would also appear on the Showroom public page.


Navigate to the “images” tab in editing mode and press “Add image”. Upload an image from your computer. It will appear in the list. Now you need to click on it and place the image in your 3D scene. To edit an image size or rotation, use the card on the side or arrows near the image. You can also link an object to the image using the same card.


Using “Documents” section you can add your catalogs and other files to a scene. Press “Upload document” to add a file from your computer. Once it appears in the list, click on the document. You will see a default 3D model appear that you need to place into your scene. You can later change the model to the one that suits your needs.

How many VR showrooms can I create?

Without premium, you are limited to create 5 VR showrooms.

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