Events 101: a guide for organizers


What are the events?

Events on Linlet allow companies to learn more about events, apply for participation and exhibit their VR booths. As an organizer, you can use events to invite potential exhibitors to join and present information on your event. You can also share the events and manage which companies are included in the public page.

How to become an Event Organizer?

To enable event managing functions, navigate to your business profile and mark that you are an event organizer.

Who can become an Event organizer?

Currently, we apply no restrictions regarding what companies can be registered as organizers.

How to create an Event?

Visit the Events tab in your business profile and use “Add Event” button to create a new event. Provide an event’s title and subject as well as other information such as location, dates, description, and documents.

What information should I include?

We recommend you providing as much information on the event as possible. At least, try to provide the details potential exhibitors may need such as a deadline for materials, how and where they can join, e t.c.

How many events can I create?

At the moment, there are no limitations on how many events you can add.

Who can see my Event?

Right after the event was created, its public page will be available for anyone. However, we currently don’t have event lists, so it can only be accessed via direct link.

What is Materials deadline for?

Materials deadline is the latest time or date by which your event stops accepting materials for catalogs or else from exhibitors. You can skip this field if your event doesn’t have such options or deadlines.

How can I invite companies to my event?

Visit the Events tab in your business profile and press the “Exhibitors” button near it. Here you will see the list of all exhibitors and requests for your event as well as “Invite” option. Use it to send an invitation to a company.

You will be required to enter their email or company name as registered on Linlet Expo to submit an invitation.

How to manage participation requests?

Companies can apply to join your event as exhibitors. To check incoming requests, go to the Events tab in your business profile and press the “Exhibitors” button near the event. The new requests would be located at “In Progress” tab. Near each request, you can see options to approve or reject a company:

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