Smart contact exchange for events


#1 Exchange cards on the go with Apple Wallet and Google Pay integration

Add your business card to Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Now you will always have contacts to share right in the smartphone. Simply open the app and let the prospect scan your QR code for instant contact exchange. It’s an easy and fast way to share contacts, especially when your time with a prospect is limited.

#2 Combine sharing options for the maximum result

No matter what marketing channels and formats your company uses, we got you all around. Business cards can be shared via QR codes, links, social media, messengers or emails. You can also embed the card on websites of yours, partners and dealers. Combine these marketing channels for better effect, compare and analyze their effectiveness to find the best way to promote.

#3 Ensure you’ll get a contact back with advanced business card settings

Choose when your contact information on a business card is available: make contacts public for all or trade them for others' information only. For non-public business contacts, people would be required to send you their business card back. Thus, you can avoid spam or ineffective sharing of your personal details.

#4 Save other people’s cards in your contact list by a single click

Time is money, especially during the events. With our business cards contact exchange is quick: scan > save > move on. All cards you checked out are shown in your History and all the ones you saved go to Contacts Inventory. Once you have time, you can export saved contacts in a timesheet and process them all at once.

#5 Integration among all employees of the company

Create a company business card for your employees which they can share and exchange. On top of the advantages of a normal business card, these ones would integrate with your company. As a result, all contacts your employee exchanges with others will be saved in the company’s inventory.

#6 Use the Statistics (beta) for perfect marketing strategy

Marketing functions allow you to analyze how many people checked business cards of you or your employees. You can also set up multiple sharing channels for the same business card to compare the results. Analyze the effectiveness of each contact exchange channel and improve the way you do business.

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