8 ultimate advantages of cardboard Trade Show Displays you must know about


One of the key elements of a trade show or exhibition booth is display. During an event, it serves both as design, construction and advertising element. Display advertising can be a great tool for building a company image and marketing if used properly.

What are the advantages of Trade Show Displays?

The key function of a trade show display is to drive attention to your booth and attract people you are exhibiting for. There are many tools on the market, so you may wonder what makes displays stand out. Here is a brief rundown on the positives of displays for trade show exhibiting:

  • Displays come in many different sizes, forms and materials, so they provide quite a lot of flexibility for your self-presentation.
  • Usually, trade show displays can be purchased at a lower cost. Compared to other stuff companies bring to exhibitions, displays are competitively affordable.
  • Displays typically easier to transport, which is a strong benefit for those exhibiting in a different city or overseas. There are many options for portable and lightweight displays that still look decent.
  • Quicker turnaround. Some simple event displays can be manufactured in a very short time. It isn’t a good idea to prepare for a trade show in a rush, however, if time limits occurred, the display might be a way out.

What are the ways to use trade show displays?

Displays are widely used as a packaging solution for shops, stores and showrooms as they allow to present and hold products. On the trade show, this feature is still useful, especially if you are attending a B2C exhibition or fair. Then displays with goods or demos can probably become your best friends.

On other occasions, displays work well for holding brochures, business cards, catalogs and many more printed media you intend to giveaway on expo. The well-made display is a pretty self-explanatory unit, so that a passerby of your booth can explore it and take your ads with them.

Sometimes displays replace or add to the presentation of the company, new product or service. Additionally, it can be used as a Guide-mark for visitors on a show floor to find and remember your booth. For this application, displays are usually developed with an eye-catching and remarkable design.

How do I make my trade show displays stand out?

There are many options to play with design, structure, and material of your display to meet the requirements. Getting creative if possible will definitely attract more visitors to your display.

With a wide variety of colors, materials and specialty inks, it’s possible to have a display that glows in the dark or UV, shines, sparkles and even smells a certain way.

It is also possible to make cut out figurines or shapes that exceed the display and pop-up. Some companies also offer 3D cutouts and structures to be more appealing.

Interactivity is also one of the best ways to make the display stand out. It can be done in the form of slideshows and presentations via TV screens and tablets or clever design solutions to provide visitors activity with your stand.

An easier method to engage visitors is to add QR code to the stand that allows overcoming limits of the event stand and add more to it. You can plan an advertising move to engage visitors coming closer to your stand to scan the code. For example, you can encode virtual showroom to it and invite people exploring it via the code on the stand. Or it can be contact information/links to social media in QR code placed directly on the display side for people enjoying the display contents to save your details.

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What are the advantages of the cardboard display?

Cardboard displays are quite popular among other types of trade show displays. You can see them more often, especially nowadays when companies are demanded to be socially responsible for the environment. Cardboard can be not the most practical choice for some applications but there are positive sides to choosing it.

  • Eco-Friendly and recyclable. It is highly encouraged for businesses to support green culture and reduce their waste as well as not using environmentally friendly products. Cardboard displays are great for manufacturing harmless advertising and promoting your brand as a green one.
  • Relatively sturdy. Corrugated cardboard displays appear quite solid structurally and can handle transportation filled with items like products, samples, etc. With air columns, items inside such a display can be secured from physical damage.
  • Affordable costs. Cardboard displays (on the average) are less expensive than their analogs from plastic, fabric and other materials. Among the pop-up type of displays, corrugated cardboard ones are known to be on top of the low-budget option list.
  • Versatility. Displays made of cardboard come in different sizes, shapes and colors, the material allows to customize it per one’s preferences. Cardboard is quite easy to work with, so such displays can be manufactured for a specific event and brand within a short time.
  • Simple to install. Many cardboard displays can be assembled manually without tools and stand independently without extra adhesive or mounting. Smaller cardboard displays don’t even require assembly but for larger ones, it is a great advantage to be able to install them that easily.
  • Lightweight. Cardboard is a light material which in a case with trade show display a big advantage. Delivery of equipment and installations takes a huge cut of the company budget and sometimes limits how far you can go to exhibit. Cardboard displays though would be lighter and cheaper to ship to your exhibition location.
  • Productive space management. Thanks to structural versatility, cardboard displays can fit your stand or event booth perfectly, reducing wasting precious space.
  • Quick turnaround. Cardboard displays are typically manufactured faster than their analogs in other materials.
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