Why every Exhibitor needs digital solutions


Whether you participate in exhibitions often or just started doing so, you know how important it is to get leads and new partners during the given time. Participation in such events is quite costly and that means you need to make your money work. Every second, every cent should be 100% efficient. But it’s easier said than done, you and your colleagues are humans after all, and though you do everything you can - sometimes it is not enough. Cutting edge technical devices, mobile apps and other hardware or software digital solutions can help you surpass competitors and get the maximum benefit from any event. Here is what technology can help you with:

Digital solutions for Project Management

Before the exhibition you must arrange the plan, a number of tasks and other information. Outcome of your event depends on how well it was managed. There are plenty of solutions available on the market, simple tools like Google Sheets are probably the easiest to use and for free. Commercial task planners and project management solutions are more complex and provide more opportunities, but most of them are quite costly. Moreover, you’ll need to create a floor plan for your booth to arrange staff members, furniture and advertising materials correctly. Check out Linlet Expo as it can help with making a digital plan and virtual showroom for your booth to visualize all elements together in 3D.

Digital solutions for searching staff

High qualified staff is one of the main components of the successful exhibition. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend you the new ways of searching personnel and vendors. There are plenty of them, most common are social media and websites. Facebook groups like FyndThem, networks like LinkedIn and Twitter are also full of specialists that can help you. You can also try forums devoted to the exhibition that you plan to join.

Digital solutions for communicating with your team

There is no need to describe how important is to organize smooth communication with your team during an event. Modern digital solutions provide amazing opportunities for better staff management and connecting everyone together during an exhibition. Perhaps the most well-known tools are messengers like WhatsApp, Viber and Telegram. Those mobile apps provide an easy way to stay in touch especially if you have a busy schedule and you need a reliable way of communication. You can send your team text and voice messages, images, files and other media.

Digital solutions for simplifying registering process

One of the most critical moments of any event is the process of registration. This is the moment that can decide whether your attendees will be in the mood for further exploration. That’s why many of exhibition organizers use devices for automotive check-in and printing badges right away.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition technology is one of the most trendy innovations in the sphere of the registering process. Companies like Zenus and SightCorp have developed the software that saves time and helps to secure the event as only those who are authorized will be able to get access. It is also capable of monitoring the number of attendees and a level of engagement through strategically placed cameras. The usage of facial recognition technology can be even more versatile and useful. Face recognition and analysis software enable gathering real-time anonymous information about visitors’ behavior and converting the obtained data into valuable data. Using it your marketing team will be able to get feedback without surveys and interviews.

Digital solutions for experiential marketing

Exhibition is your chance to make a tremendous impact on viewers engaging them with an astonishing experience and converting them into new clients. That’s why it is so important to connect with an audience in both engaging and interactive way. There are plenty of apps that were created for that purpose. Linlet EXPO is one of the best and affordable solutions for companies that want to get the full potential of experiential marketing as it provides a vivid and interactive 3D presence.


It is possible to apply gamification to encourage the activity of attendees and add more interaction. Scavenger hunt game is one of the most ways for that. It is aimed at encouraging visitors to download an app and get informed through finding clues leading them across the main points of the exhibition. Event experts say that gamification principles work because they play off the emotions and motivations of people helping to unify as a group with a common purpose.

Augmented Reality

Even more immersive and interactive experience can be obtained via modern augmented reality technologies. Exhibitors engage visitors with demonstration capabilities of their product under “real conditions”. Nowadays Microsoft’s HoloLens is considered to be the best AR headset creating an unbelievably realistic experience for the attendees.

Digital solutions for attendance tracking

Control of attendance within a certain area and data about attendance behavior is an important way to obtain vital information about your prospects. Today there are plenty of solutions for measuring attendance activity. Similar to online analytics you can obtain data from venues. Valuable insight provided by tracking technologies can help in many ways. Among other things, your marketing team will get information for improving the attendee experience. Some of the solutions that are used on exhibitions are cheap and easy to apply, others are quite expensive and will take some time to integrate but will reward you with a heat map showing the activity and volume of attendees. You can read more about such technologies in this article.

Digital solutions for Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software optimizes repetitive tasks that are usually handled manually. They save you time and money by increasing the efficiency of your marketing channels.

Follow up emails

Automating follow up emails is probably one of the most demanded types of digital solutions. Some of the CRM systems are even capable of dividing attendees into groups based on their behavior. After that, it sends them specific notifications according to their peculiar properties. For instance, it can send an email with a special discount on the goods that users liked stimulating them to purchase those.


Chatbots are used in many industries and event is not an exception. In addition to improving the attendees' experience, chatbots can be used to enhance attendee experience as well. Bots are usually used for answering typical questions. What is more important they learn answering new questions via interaction with users. You can create a chatbot using various solutions and embed them to your Showroom 360 using Linlet EXPO.

Digital solutions for lead retrieval

There is no need in saying that all exhibitors hope to recoup their expenses by getting as many leads as possible. That’s why you should get an app for collecting leads and maximize ROI. Some of these solutions use a smartphone for scanning badges of attendees another were made for storing images of business cards. All these features and much more can be found in Linlet EXPO.

Digital solutions for giveaways

Exhibitors often attract and engage prospective customers with giveaways. They use apps like iPrizeWheel that replace big prize wheels. Such solutions are customizable and much more affordable.

Why every Exhibitor needs to use new technologies and digital solutions

To sum up, here are the main reasons why every exhibitor and event organizer should use new technologies and digital solutions:

  • To create engaging and personalized attendees experiences
  • To decrease the number of printed brochures
  • Create heat maps, showing attendance statistics
  • Increasing lead retrieval
  • Improving communication with staff
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