What are ways to promote your events online?


Trade show industry alone is estimated to be over $621.4 billion (US) and some large events seem to be a very nice way to make business. Though it takes a lot of work and involvement to create a good event that can gain many attendees.

What are ways to promote your events online?

Explore online popular channel among your audience. Start planning your marketing strategy by analyzing your audience, their preferences and popular online hubs. Focus on promoting through these specific sites and media.

Promote a unique and remarkable hashtag on social media. Using a specific hashtag will allow attendees to connect with each other as well as spread a word about it. Make sure you use the tag and think about engaging prospects and visitors to spread the tag through their pages as well.

Use celebrity endorsement to your advantage. Depending on the event type, many people go to events to learn from experienced attendees or just have a chance to meet them. Therefore, inviting noticeable personalities in the sphere and promoting events through them is a smart move.

What are some unusual ways to use social media at an event?

Social media is a very effective marketing channel for your event, and it should be active before, during and after the event. On top of the usual promoting and engagement methods, social media can be used creatively too.

  • Jump to your platforms to throw live translations of event and giveaways if they are a part of a plan.
  • For exhibitions, trade shows or fairs it’s also possible to create a virtual version of floors to demonstrate on event’s website and media. By easily uploading 3D booths and some data you can use VR to entertain visitors and showcase participants/exhibitors better to get more people involved.
  • Quotes and feedback of speakers, participants or visitors are valuable content for your social media as well. It is not only motivating and inspiring but also, if handpicked smartly, informative.
  • Showcase more and bring emotions to people. If the event has already been held before, it is critical to combine highlights and testimonials of the past show. Use videos and photos to appeal to your audience through emotional content and get them to “feel” the atmosphere of your event.
  • Get your numbers together and highlight the data. Check out what information can be important for attendees or exhibitors and try to gather it beforehand as well as demonstrate to convince people to visit. This can be the average number of attendees, list of exhibitors or things to see at your event or another information for decision-makers.

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How to promote local events?

For local events that rely on audience from nearby areas, offline marketing methods play a huge role and they should be combined with online advertising. Take advantage of popular places within close proximity and drop noticeable advertising materials there with links to your website. Make sure your promo materials catch attention but don’t overwhelm passerby.

Partner with nearby businesses to sell tickets, held giveaways and promote the event through their social media.

Don’t forget using Geotags and local social media groups to target potential visitors. It also helps to ensure your event has a wide coverage among the locals.

Make sure you will create a remarkable brand portrait and use creative tools to spread information on the event.

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