What are the events?


What are the events?

Events allow companies to participate in as well as link a VR showroom as an event booth.

How can I join an event?

On the event page press “Become an exhibitor” and type in your message to the event organizer. Additionally, you can submit a VR showroom from the created prior ones. You would be able to provide your VR showroom later if needed too.

Press “Submit” to send your request to the organizer of the event. Once they review the request, they can approve or decline it.

How do I know if my company was approved?

You will get an email notification if the organizer accepts your request.

Why am I not listed as Exhibitor on the event page?

To appear on the event public page, your company needs to be marked as an exhibitor by the organizer. We recommend you to find out what are their requirements for adding companies to the exhibitor list.

Where can I check my participation in events?

Navigate to “My Events” tab to find statuses of all your requests that read as follows:

  • Waiting for an answer - requests that haven’t been processed yet.
  • In progress - means that your request has been accepted and the organizer probably needs additional information from you.
  • On expo - your company has been marked as an exhibitor.
  • Canceled/Declined - your request has been rejected.

How can I manage my participation in events?

Navigate to “My Events” section and find the event request you’d like to change. Here you can cancel your participation, add or change your VR booth.

How do I cancel my request?

In “My Events” section press the “cancel” button near the event request. Please remember that there is no additional confirmation, so once you cancel the request, it will be canceled and can’t be restored by you. Canceled requests will still be present in the section. To remove them completely, please use the bin icon present in the bottom right corner of each request card.

Where can I submit my VR booth for an event?

First, please add a VR showroom to your company and save it.

Then you will be able to attach it to your event participation requests or submit for an event you are taking part in.

In “My Events” section find the event request and select a VR showroom in the dropdown menu on the request. The changes would be saved automatically.

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